What our customers are saying about us.

“Thank you Edward. Samson is a lovely company with friendly & helpful staff, & it’s been a pleasure working with you all & I hope we can continue to grow & develop the relationship with Samson into the future.” Procurement Manager, Retirement Village Chain NSW.

“It has been some years now that Samson has had the contract here for the sanitary bins and I would like to thank you for the fantastic service that your company is providing. Simon is a gentleman & providing the service to an extremely high level. Thanks again it is a pleasure to have such a good company contributing to the many jobs that i oversee and makes my job easier.”  Maintenance Manager, College in ACT.

“Thank you so much for the amazing, friendly and professional service over the years. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all, and having a laugh and a chat when you are in the office.” Office Administrator, City High Rise.

Just a few kind words from some of our valued customers.

The Big Difference in Sanitary Hygiene Service

Each & every Sanitary, Nappy & Medical bin is totally removed & replaced at each & every service. Every bin is returned to our washing production facility – washed & sanitized at high temperature & prepared for next day delivery. This way we can be sure all possible steps are taken to minimize the risks of cross contamination.

This is what makes Samson HealthCare Services the leading Australian company in our industry.
Include this with our reputation for consistent on time service, skilled, profession well trained staff & the latest modern designed equipment.

The big difference is easy to understand.


Each day we rub shoulders, or pass people who have more than just themselves in mind.
They give blood at the Blood Bank. They take needy children into their homes & give them love & support.
They visit the elderly & give them comfort.
Some even offer up a kidney to give hope & a chance of a normal life to a nephew.
We are honoured to share our lucky lives with such an “every day hero.”
You may know her as the person who solves your accounts query.
We know her as Donna.

We Solve Smelly Male Toilets

Embarassed by the smells coming from the male toilet in your business. We can solve the problem quickly and cost effectively with a Urinal Deep Clean Treatment. We are the experts in providing clean odour free environments for your washroom facilities. Call us today for a free quote or just some free professional advice.
1300 661 521

New Sales Office – Lake Macquarie

We are happy to announce the opening of our new Sales Office in Toronto on Lake Macquarie and covering all major NSW localities. Heading up our new office is Cathy Jensen who has returned to us after extended maternity leave. Cathy is an hygiene service industry expert and can provide recommendations and information on all the latest equipment and services. For an obligation free quote, or just some advice call us 1300 661 521.

New Strain of Deadly Flu Heading Our Way


Hand Hygiene is an important safeguard against picking up this virulent strain of Flu. Waterless Hand Sanitizers can be an essential first step in protecting your staff & visitors to your business. Contact us for more information on 1300 661 521.

New Free Service


Does your business have a smelly toilet? Tried to cover up but smell persists? Most persistent bad smells in toilets are caused by bacterial generation. Men’s urinals in particular are victim to this problem. Drainage downpipes in the Urinal become clogged with Mineral build-up and uric acid “sludge” Bacterial growth results, finally the drain gets choked and then becomes a serious and costly plumbing problem.

Samson HealthCare Services have introduced a new initiative into our service areas. We can offer you a free video probe of your urinal drains. We can also provide a no obligation program of Urinal Deep cleaning. Problem solved. Peace of mind. Smell gone at a surprisingly small cost.

Call us today on 1300 661 521

New website

Our website has been re-vamped. With the new, fresh look and loads of information, plus new product images, we hope our clients enjoy it and the information it provides.