What our customers are saying about us.

“Thank you Edward. Samson is a lovely company with friendly & helpful staff, & it’s been a pleasure working with you all & I hope we can continue to grow & develop the relationship with Samson into the future.” Procurement Manager, Retirement Village Chain NSW.

“It has been some years now that Samson has had the contract here for the sanitary bins and I would like to thank you for the fantastic service that your company is providing. Simon is a gentleman & providing the service to an extremely high level. Thanks again it is a pleasure to have such a good company contributing to the many jobs that i oversee and makes my job easier.”  Maintenance Manager, College in ACT.

“Thank you so much for the amazing, friendly and professional service over the years. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all, and having a laugh and a chat when you are in the office.” Office Administrator, City High Rise.

Just a few kind words from some of our valued customers.

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