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Proudly Australian
Proudly Australian

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The proven choice of a Sanitary Services company:
• reliable service
• realistic price
• immediate action

Contact us now on (02) 8719 6200 or info@samsonhs.com.au
We can assist your business with the following products and services:

Washroom Supplies and Services
- Sanitary Disposal Units
- Automatic Hand Dryers
- Automatic Air Fresheners
- Foam & Spray Soap Dispensers

Water Saving in the Toilet

Toilet Seat Sanitizers

Toilet Floor Revival

W/C & Urinal Sanitisers

Urinal Deep Clean Treatments

Urinal Sani-Sleeve

Sanitary Vending Machines

Sanitary Services
- Nappy Disposal Units
- Incontinence Disposal Units
- Baby Change Stations
- Waste Management
- Hazardous Waste Management
- Printer Cartridge Removal Service
- Garbage Area Ozone Generators

Medical Waste Management

Healthcare Services
- X-Ray Fluid Removal
- Sharps Removal
- Sharps Containers
- Sharps Safes Service

More information about our Samson Healthcare Services

We are your local Sanitary Service Company. A Sanitary Services Company that is Australian owned and operated, based in Sydney, with sanitary service depots in Wetherill Park, Newcastle and in the ACT.

Our service staff cover Sydney, ACT, Wollongong, Gosford, Newcastle, the Hunter and NSW country areas with associates in Victoria, S.A., W.A. and Queensland.

A quality service provider, approved and listed for Sanitary services for the NSW Government, NSW Department of Public Works & Services, and the NSW Education and Department of Health as well providing Federal Departments with the full range of managed Sanitary services and washroom hygiene services. .

Samson Hygiene Services is trusted by over 4,000 clients. These include banks, Municipal Councils, Hotels, shopping centres, schools, universities, offices, factories, clubs, and Hospitals who require consistent, reliable Sanitary service.

Providing a range of affordable toilet services, including Automatic Air Fresheners, Soap Dispensers, toilet seat sanitizers, W/C Sanitizers and Urinal Sanitizers and Urinal Deep Clean Treatments and Urinal Sani-sleeve systems..

Sanitary service & Baby Nappy waste disposal, Incontinence Medical waste disposal, including the supply and removal of Sharps containers, are all part of the services we offer clients.

Over 800 Doctors, Dentists and patient care facilities trust us with their collection and disposal of their clinical waste, operating in accordance with EPA guidelines and mindful of environmental issues.

We have a well deserved reputation for providing "value for money".

PH (02) 8719 6200
FAX (02) 9756 1021