Q: We just need one Sanitary Bin do we have to sign a contract with Samson HealthCare Services?
A: No. Just send us an email or fax and we’ll arrange install. It’s that easy.

Q: Can we get a quote and order over the phone?
A: Yes. Just call 02 9756 1112.

Q: Do you exchange bins when you do the service?
A: Yes. At each and every service, every bin is exchanged with a freshly sanitized bin.

Q: We are using another service provider but we don't understand what we're paying for. Can you help?
A: Sure. There's no mystery to toilet services. We can provide good, easy to understand advice over the phone or carry out a detailed no obligation site survey.

Q: Do we get a discount if we choose a variety of services?
A: Absolutely. Not only are we very competitive, every service added to your program attracts a structure of discounts based on the number of units and the variety of services added. If we can’t save you money, something’s wrong.

Q: Do I have to ring to get my service? Do I get a receipt?
A: You don't have to ring to get service. Service is scheduled automatically. Each site is registered electronically and an audited task list is produced for service person daily.

Q: How do I know the service has been done? Do I get a receipt?
A: Each site is issued an electronically tracked duplicate delivery docket that is signed and returned to the office for verification with the duplicate left with the customer. All service vehicles have monitored GPS tracking systems We can tell you at any time exactly when your service is due; or past history of services.

Q: Do you have an Electronic Billing facility?
A: Yes.

If we can help answer any other questions you may have
just give us a call on 02 9756 1112