Our company offers solutions on safe disposal of medical sharps syringes and needles


Samson HealthCare Services will deliver and pick-up your sharps containers with one phone call.



When it comes to sharps removal or needle disposal, it is important these items are properly disposed, to prevent needle-stick injuries and comply with health and safety requirements.

Sharps waste may be in the form of medical sharps, diabetic needle disposal units, used syringes, blades, razors, scalpels, and contaminated glass, or any device used to puncture or lacerate the skin.  Disposal of sharps and syringe disposal is classified as biohazardous waste and related waste, and must be treated according to State, Territory and EPA requirements.

Samson HealthCare is licensed to handle the safe sharps removal, disposing of sharps containers in accordance with the legal requirements. It is a legal requirement that all sharps collectors undertaking the disposal of sharps container, must dispose of sharps container by tracking and documenting, the pick up, removal and destruction of the used syringe disposal.

All records of sharps container disposal must be kept for four (4) years and provided by a licensed sharps needle disposal company. The proper disposal of sharps is mandatory. The safe disposal of sharps is governed by OH&S procedures to reduce the risk of needle stick injury to sharps container disposal personnel. It is very important that when presenting containers for disposal bins disposal, that these containers are sealed.
Samson HealthCare Sharps disposal services can provide, sharps disposal containers for safe needle disposal and a sharps collection service to assist client provide a cleaner and safer environment.  

Samson HealthCare currently provides a sharps bin disposal service for hundreds of doctors, healthcare facilities, dentists, tattoo parlors, Municipal and Shire Councils, chemists, public washrooms, and shopping centres, disposing of sharps and other biohazardous waste, as well as diabetes sharps disposal for home based disposal of needles.

Samson Health also provide Wall mounted metal sharps units for security and safe sharp disposal. These units have a inner sharps disposal bin which is removed and replaced as part of a waste management sharps disposal service. The sharps box disposal can be arranged for various frequencies that meet the needs of the client.

Free standing sharps containers disposal units are available in a variety of sizes with wall or trolley brackets as well. To know more about how to dispose of sharps, the disposal of syringes and needles, call (02) 9756 1112 or more information on sharps disposal policy or sharps bin collection, go to : info@samsonhs.com.au.