We are suppliers of waterless hand cleaners for commercial hand disinfection needs

Waterless Hand Sanitizer service is the best way to prevent the spread of flu and cold viruses entering your workplace.


Trained technicians will locate the Waterless Hand cleaner dispenser in the most convenient location & return to provide a scheduled re-fill service.

This water free hand sanitizer service provides “peace of mind” for visitors coming & going from your business & leaves a positive impression of your consideration for their health & well being.

Nearly all cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. A single person who has the flu sneezes onto their hands, and then proceeds to touch handles, telephones, the keyboard and thru to your common areas.  The germs stay active only to be picked up by the unsuspecting victim.

Providing an easy accessible way for visitors to sanitizer their hands is the fully serviced Waterless Hand Sanitizer. No water hand disinfection.

Water less Hand Sanitizer comes in an easy to use push dispenser which drops a small amount of cooling gel that when into the hands thoroughly cleans and then dries in seconds to leave the hands feeling cleaned and refreshed.

Waterless hand cleaners are not new but were reserved for healthcare professionals.

In our fast paced world, time and convenience is essential and the benefits are immediate.
The waterless hand sanitizer and cleaner is formulated to leave the hands soft and smooth.

Apply the waterless anti-bacterial for hands in a single push of the dispenser with enough to completely wet your hands. Rub your hands briskly until dry, about 15 seconds. Once dried, your hands will feel fresh and clean.

Who can use Waterless Hand disinfectant benefits :

HealthCare/Medical Professionals
Office Workers / Food Handlers / Restaurant Worker
Teachers  Child-Care Staff
Sportsman / Golfers / Sports Therapists / Tennis Player
Law Enforcement Officers / Ambulance Staff
Bank Staff
Veterinarians / Pet Handlers
Tourist Destinations - Council Workers
Health Clubs / Spas
School Children
Physical Therapists
Social Workers
Correction Facilities
an endless list goes. 

Best use for Waterless Hand Sanitizers: